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Conference Sessions From Tech Expert to Inspirational Leader: Mastering the Art of Confident Leadership

  • Date/Time January 19, 2024 1:45pm - 3:15pm
  • Room El Capitan B
  • Presenters Sean Genovese and Stephanie VanAssche
  • CEU Credits 1.5


1. Practice techniques that improve the effectiveness of your communication.
2. Learn tools and techniques that can be immediately implemented to motivate your team.
3. Gain confidence leading technical teams and projects.

Session Abstract

Do these words cause you anxiety? Continuous improvement. Workshop facilitation. Team leader. Project management. Is your stress rising just thinking about them? Technical people who are good at what they do are often rewarded with the opportunity to lead a project—and quickly need skills in leading and motivating people. Or perhaps you were recently promoted into a formal management role with no training or guidance!

These common situations are tricky for technical professionals used to clear right and wrong answers and extensive testing prior to releasing their work. Unfortunately, leaders don’t have the luxury of practicing without consequence, and this causes many skilled technical people to be fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing, which in turn holds them back from being confident, effective leaders.

This session will immerse you in realistic leadership scenarios as you embrace “messy” learning, and walk away with powerful tools you can immediately use to motivate any team and be a more confident leader.

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