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Conference Sessions Your Career in HTM / Biomed – How to Plan, Prepare and Succeed in Your Professional Development

  • Date/Time September 30, 2022 1:45pm - 3:15pm
  • Room Bondi
  • Presenter Eben Kermit
  • CEU Credits 1.5


This will be an interactive session with presentation to the group, as well as break out sessions and activities to engage the participants.

Learning objectives:
-Self-Assessment: skills, interests and temperament)
-Setting Goals/Objectives: Team player or Solo contributor; Setting Mfg, Hospital, vendor, service etc.
-Work Style Assessment: Driver, Analytic, Creative, Social
-Assess, Plan, Explore, Evaluate skills and resources, Implement, Learn what’s working and what isn’t, Re-Assess progress

Session Abstract

Everyone starts work with limited experience and skills. Work styles are varied and unique to the individual. Find your path to achieve your dream job. Be a solo contributor or be a team player in a group. Find your “up-ward” career path and trajectory. Look at other colleagues and co-workers for role models and job duties that align with your dream job. Take risks as appropriate. Get more skills via education, shadowing, on-line learning and research into careers you know or careers you wish to explore.

Be prepared to listen to this facilitated round-table style discussion. Be your own person and find a job that doesn’t feel like work because you are attuned and engaged in what you do every day.

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