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Conference Sessions What it Takes to Create Connection

  • Date/Time January 20, 2024 3:30pm - 5:00pm
  • Room El Capitan A
  • Presenters Chanti Niven and Desiree Luethy
  • CEU Credits 1.5


This introduction of the Captivating Speakers Program, will highlight the following: • CAPTIVATE – Make a great first impression and leave a lasting impression
• DEVELOP CONFIDENCE – Eradicate fear and anxiety and become bold and confident
• BECOME ELOQUENT- The more articulate you are, the more successful you become
• GAIN GREATER SELF-AWARENESS – What makes you special?
• BUILD CONNECTIONS – Develop key relationships that enhance your life
• THE SCIENCE OF OBSERVATION – How to understand people and what they desire
• YOUR BODY SPEAKS – Master your body language, gestures and facial expressions.
• YOUR VOICE, YOUR INSTRUMENT – Develop a captivating and irresistible voice.
• EXUDE CHARISMA – Learn to be authentic and touch the hearts and souls of others
• ENTERTAIN & ENGAGE – Spice up your speech with humor or drama
• VIRAL EFFECT – Create ripples that are remembered and create your personal legacy!

Session Abstract

Learn how to become a great communicator and improve your personal and professional life. Niven and her team have helped individuals with conditions as restrictive as social anxiety to become confident, poised, and articulate speakers. Transform the way you speak and interact and improve your confidence. With confidence, you get better results. Results at work, study, a bigger bank balance, success in relationships, and indeed in every area of life. Whether you’re negotiating a multi-million dollar business deal, seeking a promotion at work, or going for a job interview, you will do better and gain the trust of others more easily if you speak well and display confidence. Niven will help you to improve your speaking skills no matter how nervous or anxious you may feel or your current level of skill.

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