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Conference Sessions Performance Improvement: Taking your HTM Department to the Next Level

  • Date/Time October 1, 2022 3:30pm - 5:00pm
  • Room Bataglieri
  • Presenters Ted Cohen, Nader Hammoud, Roberto Torres, Jr. and Randell Beralde
  • CEU Credits 1.5


1. Introduction to HTM Performance Improvement (the “value” = performance divided by cost concept) (Cohen)
2. Learn about AAMI’s new HTM Levels (version 3) with the new HTM Department web-based assessment tool (Cohen)
3. HTM Key Performance Indicators (Francoeur)
4. HTM Performance Improvement Case study 1 (Hammoud)
5. HTM Performance Improvement Case Study 2 (TBD)

Session Abstract

There are a variety of tools available to qualitatively and quantitatively assess HTM department performance and use those assessments to conduct performance and process improvement activities. One of the new tools is a new version of the AAMI HTM Levels Guide (rev 3), that now includes an on-line HTM Department Assessment Tool with 39 questions covering 11 different areas. Other tools to be discussed include measuring key performance indicators and using them for internal comparisons (i.e. compare within your own organization), and where common definitions are agreed to, compare to other organizations. A couple of performance improvement case studies will also be presented.

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