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Conference Sessions Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

  • Date/Time September 30, 2022 8:30am - 10:00am
  • Room Compagno
  • Presenter Dr. Jeffrey Smoot
  • CEU Credits 1.5


The participants will have an better understanding of the fundamental and the applications of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare and the HTM industries role.

Session Abstract

In this ever changing world one of the most changing is in the area of technology. From gaming to cellphones to driverless vehicles the capability and fundtionality of technology has not only changed these areas but also healthcare. One of the fastest developing technologies that is being applied is in Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. From diagnosis to developing drugs artificial intelligence is being implimented more. In this presentation I am going to explain the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and how it is being applied in various areas of healthcare. I will also explain the importance of HTM professionals and how they can best capitalize in the area.

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